What is Global Football Online?

The extra work you put in away from the training pitch ultimately decides the type of footballer you will become.

Global Football Online is a uniquely packaged "at home" training companion that aims to up skill, educate and condition young footballers from the comfort of their homes. 

Designed by a team of highly qualified youth football instructors, Global Football Online takes a player on a journey unlike any other. The content released is based on the four pillars of football development (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental) making up a total of 350+ videos that will educate, stimulate, challenge and assist any aspiring footballers along their development journey. 

We have taken these four pillars and packaged an engaging coaching tool for any player to work with in their spare time. The players will constantly be challenged as courses start off easy and gradually increase in difficulty as more content is unlocked and released. 

Today, football is the most played sport worldwide and everyone is looking for the competitive edge or that extra development tool. Global Football Online provides you with exactly that.

Your coach on the go. Your training away from training. 

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